Embedded Engineering

Embedded Engineering

Reducing the associated cost, size, and complexities for process innovation becomes highly significant. We deliver next-generation embedded engineering solutions that help overcome these business challenges.

We have been recognized as a leader in designing and developing safety-critical embedded systems software for the automotive electronics, and aircraft components industries. Through IPs, we ensure embedded development which includes embedded middleware, rich embedded system applications, and interactive GUIs for consumer electronics, computer peripherals and telecom products

What’s more, we execute turnkey embedded systems software development projects for new products, and provide discrete embedded systems development services for the existing ones.

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Send your cv, relevant work experience and anything else that will make you stand out to hr@gsquaretech.com

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About G Square

Is a global leader in engineering services. We are next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises re-imagine their businesses for the digital age. Since 2010 G Square Tech systems have been supplying expert engineering and technical professionals and products to the biggest names in Automotive.

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Our embedded product lifecycle services include:

New product development: Feasibility study, embedded software architecture, modeling, embedded systems design, embedded systems software engineering, embedded systems software programming, embedded software development systems, release management, and feature driven development
New product adaptation: Embedded system software service including re-development and re-engineering of embedded software and systems, latest technology adaptation, custom embedded system software development, performance and reliability improvement, and multiple platform porting services.
Product sustenance: Lifecycle enhancements, defect tracking and fixing, feature enhancements, regression testing, and maintenance releases.
Testing and verification: Test plan design, embedded system design, test automation and scripting, compatibility and interoperability, compliance testing, and regression testing