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Benefits from partnering with us-

  • As RPO providers we are experts in recruitment, equipped with specialized knowledge, tools, and resources. We stay updated with industry trends, market insights, and best practices, enabling them to attract, engage, and hire top talent effectively.
  • As RPO we can provide cost savings by optimizing the recruitment process, reducing time-to-fill, and minimizing recruitment advertising and administration expenses. We provide you expertise candidate to deliver recruitment services more efficiently.
  • We tailored to the client’s specific needs and easily scaled up or down based on hiring demands. Whether the client requires support for a specific project or ongoing talent acquisition.
  • RPO providers focus on delivering a positive candidate experience throughout the recruitment process. They ensure efficient communication, timely feedback, and a smooth onboarding experience, improving the overall employer brand and candidate satisfaction.
  • We provide employ robust screening, assessment, and selection processes to identify the most suitable candidates for the client’s positions. This results in improved quality of hires, reducing turnover rates and enhancing organizational performance.
  • We ensure that recruitment processes are aligned with legal and ethical standards, reducing the risk of non-compliance and potential legal issues.
  • We provide offer comprehensive reporting and analytics capabilities, providing valuable insights into recruitment metrics, KPIs, and performance indicators. This enables data-driven decision-making, continuous improvement, and better alignment with business goals.
  • We provide work closely with clients, forming a strategic partnership to align recruitment processes with organizational objectives. We understand the client’s culture, values, and long-term talent acquisition strategy, becoming a trusted advisor in attracting and retaining top talent.

By outsourcing the RPO process to G Square’s recruitment process outsourcing team, staffing firms can experience the following benefits:

  • Expertise and Specialization
  • Cost savings of over 35-60%
  • Scalability and Flexibility
  • Access to a Broader Talent Pool
  • Enhanced Recruitment Efficiency
  • Time Savings
  • Our 24X7 support team access
  • Perform skill and quality check of candidates before the interview

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