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Semiconductors are the driving force that powers our interconnected world. Semiconductors and embedded systems form the essential core of the devices that drive businesses and connect our modern world. Technological innovations in almost every industry segment are driven by silicon—a hardware (HW) system and a suite of software (SW) components running over it. Semiconductors and Embedded Systems play a critical role in industries such as Consumer Electronics, Automotive, Communication Infrastructure, Enterprise and Retail, Industrial, and Data Centres.

The semiconductor industry epitomizes rapid technological innovation, and the ongoing drive for technological advancement in everyday objects continually challenges the industry to provide solutions that deliver enhanced performance, improved efficiency, and lower operating costs at an accelerated pace. The semiconductor industry is increasingly shifting towards a solution-centric approach, with a paramount focus on reducing time to market as one of its most critical priorities.

Embedded Systems Development Services

G square TechSystems’s Semiconductor & Embedded solutions are specifically designed to accelerate time to market, optimize costs, and improve productivity for customers across industry segments. G square TechSystems provides a one-stop-shop solution for semiconductor companies, OEM/ODMs, and carrier service providers for all embedded system integration requirements. Our comprehensive services portfolio, encompassing all aspects of embedded systems development bundled with our rich suite of middleware software enablers, helps significantly accelerate time to market.

Vertical Specific offerings:

Semiconductors and embedded systems play a critical role in various industries that have different requirements and market dynamics. Our services and solutions have been optimized for various industries to help them imagine, develop, validate, certify and deploy next generation products.

Our offerings in the automotive space assist our customers in realizing next-generation In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) solutions. We provide the following services in the automotive domain:

  • High-end Human Machine Interface (HMI) development
  • IVI Integration & Validation
  • Content Streaming & Compression Solutions
  • Short-Range Wireless Connectivity Enablement
  • Hardware (HW) Reference Platform Development

To accelerate the development of IVI solutions and reduce time to market, our customers can leverage the following software enablers that we offer in the automotive space:

  • MirrorLink Client & Miracast Sink Stacks
  • DLNA & Streaming Stacks (MPEG DASH, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS), Real-Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), Progressive Download (PD), Microsoft Smooth Streaming (MSS))
  • Next-Generation IVI SDK

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