Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) is the use of software to control machine tools and related ones in the manufacturing of work pieces. CAM may also refer to the use of a computer to assist in all operations of a manufacturing plant, including planning, management, transportation and storage. CAM is a subsequent computer-aided process after computer-aided design (CAD) and sometimes computer-aided engineering (CAE). In this competitive global market, manufacturers and machine shops need to take full advantage of the most efficient, innovative and capable CNC machine tools.
Advanced technology in NX tooling solutions automates and accelerates the development of moulds, dies, and fixtures for higher quality, lower cost and faster turnaround. For machining, NX delivers the range and depth of CAM performance that maximizes returns on investments in advanced machine tools. Linked with proven data and process controls, NX helps companies manage information to improve productivity and collaboration in manufacturing operations.

NX CAM delivers real differences through key capabilities such as its advanced programming, post processing and simulation functionality. Each NX module provides more than the standard functions you expect from typical CAM packages. For example, the integrated machine tool simulation is driven by output from the NX Postprocessor rather than just tool path data. As a result, NX facilitates a higher level of program validation right inside its CAM system.

Key Benefits

  • Advanced Programming Capabilities
  • Programming Automation
  • Post processing and Simulation
  • Ease of use
  • Integrated Solution

GST team has high level of expertise in Siemens NX CAM who have vast experience in tool manufacturing design. Our team will help in all the manners to increase your production process with high level of accuracy.