Manufacturing Engineering

Manufacturing Engineering

G Square Techsystems Pvt Ltd extensive industry experience helps OEMs & the machine tool industry in the areas of manufacturing and automation solutions. Onward has executed many projects in these areas, including process planning, selection of machine tools, tooling & fixture, plant layout design, installation and commissioning.

Additionally, we help engineering services companies come up with product designs, mechanical engineering services, and mechanical design services with best-in-class IT infrastructure support.

We provide end to end capabilities across the product development lifecycle.

Due to rising costs and mounting margin pressures, manufacturing design and mechanical design companies are expanding to optimize their product engineering services, shorten product development timelines and gain early advantage.

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About G Square

Is a global leader in engineering services. We are next-generation global technology company that helps enterprises re-imagine their businesses for the digital age. Since 2010 G Square Tech systems have been supplying expert engineering and technical professionals and products to the biggest names in Automotive.

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We understand the importance of innovating to provide a competitive edge and customizing existing products within minimized time-frames.

We offer advanced mechanical engineering solutions as well as mechanical engineering design services to mechanical design engineering companies across multiple industries. These mechanical engineering services facilitate complex mechanical designs and products development, reduce time-to-market, and B2B market penetration for a mechanical design company.

Non Ferrous Casting

We cater to the Casting needs with good Experience. We are competent to provide best quality Castings with Prime Focus on Gun Metal and Zinc Pressure Die Cast Components

From Concept to Delivery our Product Development and Manufacturing capabilities for Castings are always Innovative, Cost Effective, Design for Functionality and Satisfying Customer Needs.

With in-house capabilities and strategically located we deliver goods with Ease and Shorter Lead Time to both Domestic and International Market.