Special Purpose Machines (SPM) are those Machine which are not available off the Shelf. These are not covered in Standard Manufacturing Programs. There Fore they have to be Designed & Tailor Made as Per the Customers Specific Requirements. They are also called as Bespoke Machines.

Always in the Production process there is a Long Felt need to improve the Quality of Product, Minimize Rejection and Increase the Productivity per Person, to Cater to the Pressing Circumstances in the GLOBALISED WORLD ECONOMY.

Whereas special machines are those which comes into picture every the design and component changes. SPM’s are required to increase production and reduce manual error.

These machines in very much need throughout industry to increase production. In standard machines there is a limit and they are capable of doing certain pre-loaded tasks.

GST Provides the following services in Special Purpose Machine Designs for various industries:

  • New Product Development (NPD ) Solutions
  • Conceptual Design, Product Design and Product Engineering
  • Reverse Engineering